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Why to Choose Auto Glass Service?

1. We only use OE and OEE glass and related parts.
2. Our Glass and Labor is backed by a written
3. We strive to
Repair your Windshield First..and Replace only when necessary
saving you and your insurance company thousands yearly and saving our landfills
from pilling up with Windshields!
4. All of our Windshields and other Fixed Glass Replacements carry a 1 hour Safe
Drive Away Time from 0 degrees to 120 degrees! Auto Glass Service values your
time and uses the finest in Urethane adhesives, no more several hour wait to drive
5. All of our technicians are Certified by the National Glass Association (NGA) and
are registered by the
Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS)
Presently Servicing Chatham, Bryan, Effingham, Screven, Liberty, Long Counties including the following Georgia Cities: Savannah,
Gulfstream, Gulfstream Service, Claxton, Garden City, Pooler, Bloomingdale, Rincon, Springfield, Guyton, Oliver, Statesboro,
Metter, Sylvania, Newington, Millen, Cooperville, Brooklett, Hinesville, Fort Stewart, Midway, Richmond Hill, Swainesboro,
Pembroke, Ellabelle, Blichton and surrounding cities.
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What you should find out before setting up an appointment.

1. Always find out if the Glass company is certified, if they say they are make them prove it, are they
registered with the
AGRSS. Enter your zip code and a list of registered companies will be made available to
you, is the company you have chosen listed and registered with the agrss? If not I would advise you to find
another shop that is.  

*note some companies will tell you that their company may be certified by some type of certification program
designed and mandated by
their company, Then how can they prove they practice safe installation
practices? They are registered to practice safe installation
by their own company? I would be skeptical. If you
don't choose Auto Glass Service of Southeast Georgia for your fixed glass installation, please be safe,
informed and chose a Glass company that adheres to safe glass installation practices.

2. What type of glass will you be replacing my broken glass with? We here at Auto Glass Service believe that
all fixed glass installations should be replaced with Original Equipment (OE) or Original Equipment Equivalent
(OEE). So what is OE and or OEE? Brands such as
PPG, PILKINGTON (Formally known as LOF) CARLITE,
These are probably the most common used OE parts and probably the best choices for a
replacement (OEE).

Ask the glass company what type of glass they will be replacing with? Is it one of the major brands above?
Will they guarantee you the use of a OE or OEE Replacement?

*note Some Glass companies manufacture, sell and install their own brand of glass, these brands of glass
have NEVER been used in any vehicle for Original Equipment Glass and may be questionable as to whether
or not it will fit correctly and seal properly in your vehicle.

3. What is the dry time of the
Urethane  that the Glass company will be using while reinstalling your glass?
Hopefully your chosen glass co. uses urethane! So what type do they use? What is the dry time? Will they
supply you with a chart proving the
Safe Drive Time or the time that it takes for the adhesive or Urethane to
properly cure before the vehicle may be safely driven. For example: Auto Glass Service uses Dow Express
Urethanes and our urethanes safe drive time is one hour between 0 and 117 degrees. We use betaseal Dow
express urethanes on all of our installations and I will prove to you that you can safely operate your vehicle
after this time by providing you with the urethane manufactures safe operation time chart

This is what a tube of our urethane looks like

4. Has the Glass Technician that will be installing my glass been trained and certified by the Urethane
Manufacturer in the proper use of their product? Prove it to me. The glass company should be able to supply
you a certificate of certification by their chosen urethane manufacturer. All of our Technicians have been
certified by Dow in the proper method of Fixed glass installation and their certificate branding the
Manufactures original seal is displayed in our waiting room!
Please see a copy of mine below (fig. 1.)

5. If I have a rock chip on my windshield that is NOT in my line of vision and smaller then the size of a half
dollar, can you repair the chip rather than replacing the glass? If so, do you place a guarantee on your
Windshield Repairs? This is a very touchy area, you have many chips that should have been repaired but
instead they are piled up in the waste yards. Many shops are not interested in saving your windshield and
saving you or your insurance company money and thus either do a horrible job of repairing the chip (so you
will eventually just come back for a new glass) or just not repairing it at all. Auto Glass Service is located in
Rincon Georgia and you may come by anytime for a chip repair, we save glass! We never replace a
repairable windshield!
Certification held by Chris Sparry on display at Auto Glass Service in Rincon, Ga.
AGRSS Registration of Auto Glass Service in Rincon / Savannah Georgia
This is a actual picture of my personal Training Certification from Dow.
This is an actual picture of our AGRSS Registration